6 Tips for Healthier Hair

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Happy Monday!…or is it? Let’s be honest, the only thing that’s going to get us through this week is knowing that Summer is on its way. Even just hearing the word ‘summer’ we automatically start to think about laying on the beach, getting our bikini body ready, catching a tan and changing up our hair for a sun-kissed look. That being said, with achieving that sun-kissed hair look comes possible damage and breakage. Here are my tips to fix that issue for healthier hair in 6 simple steps.

  1. Embrace The Wave!
    Wearing your hair natural will not only give you that “beachy look” which is super big right now but will also save your hair from the damage of using heated styling tools such as a blow dryer, flat iron or curling wand.
    Styling Tip: Try sleeping with your hair damp and in braids over night for added waves.
  2. Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil is super rich in vitamins and fatty acids and  has many benefits to overall health, hair health being one of them. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair quicker and deeper than any other store-bought product on the market. By doing so, it will decrease the amount of dryness and damage, leaving your hair soft, shiny and healthy.
    Tip: Scoop out some Coconut Oil, rub it through your hand until melted and message it through your scalp and hair. Leave in for at least an hour, for best results leave in overnight with a towel wrapped around your head.
  3. Braids – Not Ponies.
    Whenever  you feel the need to chuck your hair up out of your face by wrapping it in a top knot, think again. Wearing your hair pulled back and tight puts a ton of tension on your strands which can lead to breakage. Try putting your hair in a quick braid or a low pony, this is a much more natural way for your hair to rest and will not cause any damage.
  4. Grunge is back
    I can go a full week without washing my hair… I know, it sounds disgusting but it’s SO good for your hair. The natural oils created from your scalp are extremely rehydrating and are very important to maintaining healthy, shiny hair. Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils leaving your hair frizzier and more dry. I’m not saying you have to go a full week without washing your hair, take baby steps, start with an extra day and work your way up, eventually you will train your hair to last longer between washes.
  5. Chop Chop
    If you’re lightening your hair I can guarantee that your dry ends will turn into split ends or even have some breakage. As much as I would love to believe that there are magical products out there that will fix all your problems, there is not. The only solution to curing the disease of split ends is chopping them off, maybe not a chop…but definetly a trim.
  6. Diet and Supplements
    Living a healthy lifestyle supported by balanced diet full of leafy greens and healthy fats is the best tip I can give for healthier hair. If I can recommend one supplement for healthier hair it would be Fish Oil. Fish Oil is natures richest source in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and can hydrate the scalp to help prevent dry hair, dandruff and frizziness leaving your hair shinier and stronger. For all the Vegans out there, Fish Oil can be easily substituted with ground flaxseed and nuts, specifically walnuts. I have tried A LOT of other hair supplements claiming to give healthier, stronger and shinier hair and I didn’t notice any difference, save your money and stay away from them. 

I hope these tips help, thank you for reading!

Xo – Hannah







7 comments on “6 Tips for Healthier Hair

  1. Welcome to the blogger world! Love this post, these are some really great tips that I look forward to applying.
    Have a happy week ahead!


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