Braid of the Day!

I am someone who has a really hard time functioning with hair in my face so majority of the time I have my front pieces pinned, twisted or braided back. Today was no different, I wanted to do something a bit cuter than putting it in a plain pony, so I threw in a couple of Dutch style braids and pinned them into a semi-crown.

First, I curled my hair with a curling wand, taking big sections to create waves. I then brushed through the curls with my fingers and added some texturizing cream to give it a more be beachy look.


I took the first section and started a lose Dutch-braid, which I then transitions into a regular braid. Once I completed the braid I pulled out a few strands to make the braid appear thicker and more relaxed.

I wrapped the braid around and pinned it at the back of my head. I then repeated the same steps on the other side of my head.


And that’s it! Super easy yet super cute! I hope you found this post helpful! Thanks for reading

xo – Hannah


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