I Tried Dermaplaning

Hi friends! I have recently seen quite a few posts and tutorials on Dermaplaning and thought I’d give it a go myself. This post is about my experience and thoughts on the at home procedure. I hope you enjoy.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a procedure used to exfoliate the skin on your face by using a scalpel or thin blade and feather like strokes to scrape away dead skin and peach fuzz. Now I know what you all are thinking, and before I go any further let’s set the record straight. The idea that your hair will grow back darker and thicker from shaving is a myth…trust me, I have done my research.


My Experience

I had two reasons why I waned to give this at home procedure a go:

  1. I had read that it reduces the appearance of dark spots while exfoliating the skin to give a healthier, more hydrated appearance – Perfect! I could use a bit of that.
  2. Getting rid of the pesky peach fuzz was to create a smooth canvas for the application of makeup – Cool! I am all for it!

Now, you should know that I am very hairy person, you cannot see it because it’s blonde, but I know it’s there. What bugged me the most was the peach fuzz on my forehead (sounds random, I know) because foundation would always get caught in it creating an un-even finish.

I did my research and found that you cannot use the same type of razors we use for our legs, the face requires a more simple approach. The razors that are most recommend were these Eye Brow Razors, I bought them on Amazon for like $10. The procedure itself is actually quite simple, all you do is use small downwards feathered strokes and it should all come off.


The results? Well…I actually don’t know. It hasn’t made much a difference on my dark spots and it didn’t seem to make my acne better or worse. There are a few good points, it is a lot easier to apply makeup on my forehead and my skin looks and feels a lot more hydrated. The best part was the procedure itself. Watching all the fuzz and dead skin being scraped off was the most satisfying thing ever!



Final Thoughts

I’d do again, although I’d like to get it professionally done because I think there would be a difference in the exfoliating factor. This procedure is highly recommended to have done before big events like a wedding, so this might be something I have done closer to the big day.


Thanks for reading! 

xo – Hannah

2 comments on “I Tried Dermaplaning

  1. Your post inspired me to try it – I didn’t even know this was a possibility! I found some at Daiso. Going to try it this weekend 😀

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