June Love List

Hi guys, happy happy Tuesday! Oh my gawd, I cannot believe June is almost over, this is literally crazy. I have to tell you, when I wasn’t working, blogging or wedding planning I was obsessing over a bird family living in the awning outside of my work. Who would have thought one little bird family could give one person so much stress. Watching the egg almost roll out of the nest, the mamma bird almost get hit by a car and the baby bird trapped on the ground, unable to fly back up to the nest was the most dramatic thing this month. Long story short, I put the baby bird back in the awning and the family lived happily every after, my life is complete.

Anyway…there’s that, if you wanna know what else I’ve been up to this month keep on reading!


I Loved Watching: Finding Dory

I Loved Wearing: This top above

I Loved Eating: Fish N Chips on the beach in Steveston

I Loved Drinking: My morning Pina Colada green smoothie! Let me know if you’d like my recipe!

I Loved This Moment: Holding a baby bird! Literally the cutest.

I Loved Listening To: ‘Too Good’ by Drake

I Loved Going To: My cake tasting

I Loved Discovering: Dermaplaning. Read my post here!


Top | Shorts | Sneakers 

Thanks for reading!

xo – Hannah




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