A Day In The Park

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! I am currently on a stay-cation relaxing and enjoying our beautiful summer. Whenever I take a vacation and stay at home I tend to do things I have never done before and go places I have never been before, which I believe is important. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon exploring Stanley park, something we never do. I find we often forget how close we live to the park, we definitely do not take advantage of our beautiful surroundings.

While we were taking these photos below I wasnt expecting to post them on the blog. I had thrown on Alan’s t-shirt, some shorts and converse with no makeup on at all, something I feel completely uncomfortable with, but I thought it was important to showcase a different, more relaxed side of my life (I don’t even think I brushed my hair).

I had a blast discovering all the small paths and beautiful gardens in the park. If Bella hadn’t been eating geese shit the entire time it would have been a tad more relaxing, but we definitely enjoyed our selves and left the park feeling grateful for the beautiful city we live in.



Thanks for reading! 

xo -Hannah

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