My Cold Weather Skincare Routine

November is my absolute favorite month of the year, maybe it’s because it is my birthday month, but it also might be because November’s a time when my two favourite seasons, fall and winter collide and create this wonderful super month. That being said, it is a time of year when the weather gets colder and dries out pretty much everything, including my skin. Today I wanted to share my winter skincare routine, something I have perfected to a tee and does wonders for my skin.


step one // cleansing

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I’ve spoken about this cleanser many times before, so I’m not going to go into too much detail. I love this cleanser because it’s gentle, soothing and hydrating, it also leaves my skin squeaky clean without irritation.


step two // mask it up

Fresh Soy Face Mask

I’ve only just started using this mask but I’ve already fallen in love with it. This product doubles as a hydrating mask and a toner. As soon as I smooth it on my skin I automatically feel refreshed and hydrated, and the best part? It smells like roses and tea in one, delicious! I use it 2-3 times a week.


step three // beauty oil

Josie Maran Argan Oil

Here is another product I’ve featured one too many times, but I can’t help it, it’s a great product. I love using this oil at night before I put my sleeping cream on, it adds extra moisture and leaves my skin super soft and smooth when I wake up.

step four // moisturizer

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream

This cream saved my life! That may be an extreme statement, but it’s true. I was struggling with extremely dry, sensitive skin and discovering this cream changed everything.

First aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream

I absolutely love this cream, I discovered it at the same time as the Clinique and they pair perfectly together. The consistency of this cream is to die for and it leaves your skin extremely moisturized and hydrated. I use this only and night before I go to bed.


step five // lips

Smiths Lipbalm

Why have I only just discovered this a week ago? I’ve literally gone through 5 different types of lip balm in the past 3 months and this is by far the best one yet. I have extremely dry and chapped lips and it gets even worse with the cold. I put this on 100 times a day, everyday. I absolutely love it.

Thanks for reading! Xox

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