2017, The Year of Minimalism

So! It’s January fourth, how is everyone’s new years resolutions going? To be honest I’ve just gotten going on mine today, I’d say you need those few days after New Years as a buffer before you actually get started. If you’ve read my previous post you’d know a few of my goals for this year, you’d also know that living a more minimalistic lifestyle is one of them.

Today was the first day I actually felt I was getting close to start achieving this goal. I haven’t shared this on the blog yet, but we’re moving! We bought our first apartment together and are beyond thrilled to move in. So, today was a working day, I have started packing, sorting and purging, and boy does it feel good!

I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I will achieve my goal and hopefully you can gain some knowledge and a few tips!

“Minimalism: Because the best things in life aren’t things”


one // why?
The idea of minimalism is to only acquire items that are completely necessary and useful, I also think its important to have a few things you think to be beautiful. Successfully moving into a 760 sq foot apartment definitely requires a taste for simplicity, cleanliness and minimalism. I desire a space that will pass positive vibes and peacefulness, a space that I can come home to and have complete relaxation in. I feel the need to de clutter my life, space and closet in order to de clutter my mind. I need to allow more room for growth and healing, thus being able to live a more stress-free, care-free, fun life!


two // the rules
1. Unplug – oh that is a scary word… Take a day away from it all and do anything else, enjoy life, read a book!
2. De clutter by purging anything you haven’t touched in over a year, wouldn’t re-purchase today, or are just holding onto out of guilt.
3. Focus on versatility, function and quality when introducing new items into either your home or closet.
4. Shop Less – buy less things, same more money!
5. Stop and smell the roses – like, everyday. Live in the now and be sure to take moments for yourself.


three // how to apply them
My advice would be to take these steps one day at a time. Pick one rule and give it a go, I obviously started with de cluttering, I find it makes the most notable impact and gives instant gratification. After you’ve accomplished one, move on to the next. Slowly introducing something new like this on a daily basis will help you create a solid routine that you can easily stick too. I am excited to introduce these habits and put myself on a new track in life, one that will hopefully bring me more happiness and relaxation.


Jacket – Zara (old) similar one here

Turtleneck – Zara

Relaxed-fit high Jeans – H&M

Sneakers – UGG

Bag – Zara Tote (old) similar one here


Thanks for reading!

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