My Fave Beauty Oils

Oh boy, my addiction to beauty oils is out of control. I strongly believe that any natural oil is the key to radiant, moisturized, healthy skin and hair. Here are a few of my favourite oils, the benefits of each and how I use them.

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one // Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E oil is a nutrient to the skin and the benefits are insane. This oil helps with anti-aging, scarring, dark spots, dry patches and cuticles. Before I go to bed I like to put this in my hair, on my neck and on my cuticles and then my dog attempts to lick it all off. I love this oil and I notice huge differences every time I use it, especially in the fading of my scars. Its brilliant, go out and get yourself a bottle.

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two // Ouai Hair Oil
I recently purchased this on a whim and I’m loving it. I actually carry this in my handbag to put in my hair throughout the day when it’s looking a little dry and frizzy. I know that might sound excessive especially knowing I put the vitamin e oil in my hair overnight however, because my hair has been bleached its super, duper dry and can handle the oil. Also, this hair oil also smells freaking amazing.

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three // Argan Oil
I love Argan Oil so much and I’ve been using it for years. Argan oil is great for anti-aging, dryness and maintaining elasticity.  I use this on my face at night to help nourish and hydrate my skin. I also (obviously) put this in my hair because let’s be honest, what oil haven’t I put in my hair?

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four // Castor Oil
I bought a bottle of castor oil because I read that it promotes hair growth. I have skinny ass eyebrows made up of 3 hairs so I will literally try anything and everything that claims to support hair growth. I have been using this on my brows, not very consistently but enough to have noticed a difference. I now have 5 hairs in my eyebrows. Castor oil has many more amazing benefits including anti-aging, acne, dark spots and scarring.

five // Coconut Oil
Do I even need to tell you all the reasons I love coconut oil and what I use it for? I think I’ve preached about it a little too much in previous blog posts. Just do yourself a favour, go out and buy a big tub of extra virgin coconut oil from Costco and use it for anything and everything, you won’t regret it.

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Ouai Hair Oil
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Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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