My Acne Story

Ahhh acne, every womans worst enemy. I’ve struggled with acne from about the age of 11. When I was in high school I tried everything to get rid of it, from Proactive to birth control to 5 different types of antibiotics, nothing worked. When I was 16 I gave Accutane a try. It worked really well for me, it completely cleared up my skin and kept it that way for years. Afterwards, I struggled with little breakouts here and there however, that was a time in my life when I wasn’t paying much attention to the importance of skin care and it wasn’t that bad.

Just over a year ago my acne came back, and it came back with a vengeance. It increasingly got worse and worse and it eventually turned into cystic acne which is extremely painful. Meanwhile, my wedding day was getting closer and I was starting to stress out. I had tried every skin care routine under the sun trying to get my skin under control, I even made an appointment with a dermatologist, but I was put on a waiting list. Finally, it had gotten to a point where I couldn’t wash my face or even bend over without leaving my face in excruciating pain. I had enough and I asked my doctor to prescribe me Accutane. It had worked once before so I knew it would be a quick, (not so easy) fix.

Heres the thing about Accutane, it sucks. It is a very, very heavy-duty antibiotic which strips your entire body of any sign of oil, it literally dries out everything. My lips, hair, nose, eyes and of course my skin was so dry it hurt. I went through 10 different lip balms, started a whole new skin care routine and even lost some hair. Let me tell you it was not fun, but it worked. By the time my wedding rolled around (2 months from the day I started Accutane) I had only a few blemishes. I stayed on Accutane for an additional 2 months and by the end of it my skin was clear, however I was left with extremely dry skin and acne scars.

The reason I haven’t written this post sooner was because I was waiting for my skin to go back to ‘normal’ and my acne scars to fade. I still struggle with a few blemishes here and there but I’m slowly learning how to deal with them. If you struggle with extreme acne I would suggest you talk to your doctor or a dermatologist and find a solution that works best for you. If you don’t have to take Accutane I wouldn’t recommend it, it was definitely a last resort sorta thing for me. If you struggle with mild acne and blemishes here a few easy tips that I have learned over the past few months to get them under control.

one // Establish what your skin type is and get to know it.
It’s important that you know your skin type so you can easily decipher what products will work with your skin to enhance it and what products might make it worse. Do you have oily skin? dry skin? combination? sensitive? Get to know it and spend some quality time with it.

two // Create a skin care routine custom to you.
As nice and easy as it might seem to watch a YouTube video and copy another persons skin care routine, what works for someone else might not work for you. You need to try out products that fit your skin type and any issues you may have in order to establish a complete routine that works for you and your skin. Your routine doesn’t have to be 10 steps long, all you need is a good cleanser, moisturizer and depending on your needs, a good eye cream.

three // This is an easy one: DRINK WATERRRR (and lots of it)
Holy crap, does this make a difference. Drinking water reduces any inflammation you might have, speeding up the recovery time of any blemish. And you know, its good for you and stuff.

I’m sorry the images aren’t the greatest quality but for some reason, Snapchat is where I chose to track the progress of my skin. I hope you found this post useful, let me know if you are on Accutane and need any suggestions for skin/eye/lip care, I got you!


Thanks for ready my story guys!
xo Hannah




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