Life Update vol.II

Hello, my beauties. I haven’t published a post in awhile, I have been super busy in other parts of my life and to be honest have felt a little uninspired. This morning I woke up absolutely buzzing because…(drumroll please) …its September 1st!! Although I have been waiting for this day all summer, I was convinced it was only the 31st, so to find out that today was the first day of the new month was very exciting.

September has always been a time for new beginnings for me, a fresh start, screw the new year, this is my new year. It’s time to refocus my thoughts and set some goals. Okay here we go, my goals, what are my goals?… what. are. my. goals?… oh boy, this is harder than I thought it would be. Okay here we go, I’m going to fire them out like a shot gun, even if they don’t make sense.

  1. See my friends more. My new job has me working late more often, therefore having less time to see my friends and family, I need to somehow find a balance in there because I miss em.
  2. Have more adventures. I love adventures and autumn is such a beautiful time for that. Friends – let’s plan some things.
  3. Re-focus my blog and content as well as reconnect with my insta-fam.
  4. Try something new…perhaps with my look? I’m a bit bored, it may be time for a change.
  5. Try not to start celebrating Christmas until AT LEAST November 20th. This is very hard for me because I will start listening to Christmas music even before October 31st hits. Last year, my friend and I had to literally force ourselves to celebrate Halloween by doing Halloween related activities just so we wouldn’t be tempted to start celebrating Christmas too early.

Well, there yah have it. Now, if only autumn would officially start. I can’t deal with this summer anymore, I’m DYING. All I want is to put on my favourite sweater, my leather jacket, a hat and some boots and live my god damn life in peace and happiness, is that so much to ask for? Apparently, it is, because there is a heat-wave warning for Vancouver this weekend. Wish me luck, I might literally melt.

Thanks for reading my random post!

Lots of love,

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